3 Clever Ways To Change Your Companies Logo on Your Sign

Your brand’s logo is usually the first thing people remember after meeting you in events or shopping from your online store. Logos are easy to remember, fun, and require little brainpower to store. But from time to time, your company logo can start to turn stale and boring. It becomes less energetic and fun than when you first painted it in your storefront or website. Here’s three clever ways you can change your company logo for the better.

Clever Means Timing

One of the things that make changing your company logo clever is timing. You have to time it just right so that customers accept it positively. Knowing when you need to change the logo is as crucial as knowing what logo to use. One thing to ask yourself is the logo’s technical appearance. Is it problematic or overly complex? Such designs don’t really scale down well. The logo’s fonts, shapes, and color combinations may also be too outdated that it screams 1970s when it’s already 2016. You should also time your plans during mergers and acquisitions. It’s indeed an opportune time to change your logo if you are acquiring another business or is being acquired by a larger enterprise.

Figure Out What’s Hot and What’s Not

Your logo is a symbol of your company and what it truly stands for. Figure out the technical details that draw in customers and which ones don’t. If your logo is a bear or goose, see how adults and children react to it. How effective is it in drawing in attention at bazaars and trade shows. Collecting data is an important precursor to making any visual changes to your brand. Conduct in-person and online surveys to further supplement your studies. Your logo may not have the right color combination and might be too gloomy for your target audiences. In some cases, the font style and size may be too small or too rigid for the products and services you are trying to advertise.

Have a Checklist For Smooth Transition

Although it seems an infinitesimal element to your business, a brand logo is a sort of promise to your customers. It is a fundamental principle that is understood by anyone and everyone who does business with your company. Having a checklist allows you to undergo the transition in a fairly smooth flow. Know when and where to announce it, what stationery materials you’ll need to send clients and business partners, and social media campaigns to alert the world of the change that is transpiring or about to transpire. Any existing marketing materials like building signage, billboards, doorway and hallway posters, and so forth. The resources you’ll have to spend to replace all these should be accounted for in advance otherwise your business’ finances may be struck with a huge blow.

Your company logo is a huge part of building a brand and lifestyle that customers can relate to and adopt. These three clever ways can serve as your template to figuring out how to best make the changes with minimal resources spent and maximum impact achieved.