3 Great Gifts to Give Your Veteran on Veterans Day

Veteran’s Day is a celebratory moment of honor for both military veterans and those actively serving. It’s a day to pay tribute to the veterans in our lives as well as soldiers who’ve passed on. If you have a special veteran in your life, you’re probably eager to give them a fragment of your love. Here are a few gift ideas that are unique and likely to resonate with your beloved warrior.

1. Spirit Badge

While you may not have the authority to officially adorn a soldier with a badge or medal, there’s certainly nothing stopping you from crafting your very own. For instance, if your veteran was a paratrooper, you could make a pair of Jump Wings out of some polymer clay.

Wood can also be carved into a badge or other piece of military regalia. While you could opt to create something that’s accurate, you could also create an original piece that’s special and personalized in some way. If you’re in a close relationship with a veteran, this presents an opportunity to create a piece of art that manifests your connection.

2. Poetry

Never underestimate the power of the written word. Poetry may seem overly bland and sappy to some people, but in a world that’s inundated with veneers and material status symbols, the innocence and allure of a poem can carry a lot of weight.

You don’t have to be the greatest word smith in the literary world to write a decent poem. The key is to write honestly and from the heart, while being cognizant of the texture of your words. Try to avoid cliches and make your words resonate with a visceral intensity that you can see and touch. A handwritten poem is bound to pierce the heart of your veteran in a way that’s impossible for a factory printed card or phrase you copied off the Internet.

3. War Plush

Stuffed animals are certainly ubiquitous, and when you’re at a loss of what to get, they’re pretty much a gift fail-safe. A stuffed toy can make for an adorable present to your favorite veteran, and you can push it even further by making it military themed.

For instance, if your veteran has a love for tigers, you could buy a tiger cub plush and dress it in a tiny camouflage outfit complete with a beret. If you have a penchant for sewing, you could also make your own stuffed toy. Crafting it yourself will allow you to personalize it to your every whim, and you could even include some miniature dog tags to send the cute factor into orbit.