3 Low-Cost Ways to display your Sword Collection

Swords are beautifully crafted cherished works of art and deserve to be displayed so the coveted collection can be enjoyed by the owner as well as other people who are fortunate enough to be able to view and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into both the swords themselves and the stylish and functional display methods.

Although a person can spend a lot of money on ways to display the swords, if you want to share their beauty but do not want to spend an excessive amount, here are some more affordable ideas to consider.

1. Sword stands can be purchased in less expensive materials than the gorgeous woods of the more costly ones. They can be shaped, sized, and finished in ways that will show off one magnificent sword or multiple ones arranged in a unique design and either vertically or horizontally. Types of stands include upright, table, desk, mantle, and floor. The stands are often accented with a medieval medallion.

2. Open display cases, a free-standing glass display case, or a converted glass-fronted corner cupboard can be excellent ways to show off the swords.

3. Treat it like a piece of exceptional art and hang it on the wall. A hand-painted upright wall mounted stand with one shelf or perhaps two or three tiers can accommodate the sword or swords. You can even put one or more swords inside beautiful frames with glass fronts. You can hang it/them with decorative wall hangers or display on a sword plaque. Round shield sword hangers often feature Medieval designs in the center and can hang up to three swords behind it.

If you are a handy hobbyist, you can save even more by making something yourself. You could mount a length of white plastic molding near the top of a wall and put three-inch screws into the studs. Put brass hooks into the lip at the top edge of the molding, and the swords can hang down on copper wires on top of white material that protects the wall.

There are proper ways to display swords, depending on what kind they are and what the significance is of how the handle is placed. For example, displaying a katana with the handle to the left shows you are not hostile because you would not normally draw the sword with your left hand. However, displaying it with the handle to the right means the opposite.

Even when you are starting off with perhaps just one sword, think ahead to when you grow your collection You might find it worthwhile to invest in a stand or case that will hold several swords as you look forward to your future needs.

Enjoy showing off your prized possessions and making them an exquisite focal point in the designated room.