4 Benefits of Using Mail Tracking

Most businesses today use the mail for a variety of tasks from sending out marketing materials to shipping products. You really need to know what is happening with the mail you are sending. This is where tracking comes into play. Here are four benefits of using mail tracking.

Allows You to Synchronize Marketing Efforts

Mail tracking allows you to leverage the power of the more than 484,000 postal workers in the country to help your business succeed. You can use the tracking information to see exactly where your marketing materials are located. This allows you to calculate expected delivery times. The result is that your business can increase staffing, send out second-wave marketing and update websites in a timely manner. Mail tracking takes the guesswork out of plotting your marketing campaigns. This is very helpful because it allows your business to create multi-channel marketing that can be executed smoothly. It also makes it easier for you to build and reinforce your brand with consumers through waves of targeted direct mail.

Improve Your Customer Service

Something you do not want to have to say to customers or consumers is that you do not know what is happening with a given mailing. Some people might become very frustrated if a requested catalog or a product order has not arrived in a prompt manner. Mail tracking will improve the quality of the customer service within your business. Your representatives will be able to quickly pull up tracking information to see exactly where a particular mailing is located. You can then inform the customer to reassure the person the mail is on the way. This also helps to cut down on the number of customer service transactions since customers will stop calling with inquiries after finding out the expected arrival date.

Receive Evidence of Delivery for High Value Mail

Anything can happen to your mail considering over 73 billion letters are sent on an annual basis. This becomes a problem when you are sending high value mail that contains something important for a customer. You do not want to be in a situation where high value mail seems to continually disappear forcing you to make constant reshipments. Mail tracking provides your company with evidence that high value mail was actually delivered. This can help with customer service. It also makes it easier to detect fraud where a customer is repeatedly saying mail is not arriving in an attempt to get free reshipments.

Isolate Delivery Problems or Patterns

A final benefit of using mail tracking is that it allows you to isolate problems or patterns with your own system or the postal system. You can use the tracking to find out whether a particular region, sorting center or address is causing disruptions and failed deliveries. That information can be used to see if you are having problems with generating labels for mailers or if the post office needs to look at something internally. You can act and make changes to mitigate the problem. This will allow your business to have a more streamlined mail department and to better understand lead times for mailings to certain customers.