4 Cigar Tips for a Beginner

Smoking cigars is one of those things that appears to be very cool, but can seem intimidation to try to enter. After all, any person one sees smoking a cigar seems to understand the numerous little details that go into it. There are a few good things to know before starting to smoke cigars, and this article will cover four tips to make this more accessible.
1. First, and this may seem counterintuitive, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Rather than singling one out as a beginner, even experienced cigar smokers have questions. Additionally, the staff working cigar bars and cigar shops are there because they love cigars and know a lot about them. They have talked to hundreds of people who have never smoked a cigar before, and they genuinely want each person to enjoy the experience.
2. Choose the right cigar and cut it appropriately. The strength and flavor each cigar is different, and not immediately obvious by the cigar wrapper. A poor cut can completely ruin even the highest quality cigar.
3. Light it properly. Cigars are best lit by wooden matches or butane lighters. To begin, put the end of the cigar just above the flame and roll it a few times. This is to warm the tobacco and make it easier to light evenly. Then, when lighting the cigar, be sure to roll the cigar steadily for an even burn on the end. Once the cigar seems to be lit, blow on the end to ensure even distribution. A word of warning, do not ever inhale. That’s a sure way to become sick. Finally, one is smoking the cigar, it is necessary to puff and rotate the cigar every few minutes. A cigar will simply go out if left unattended, and rotating it ensures the burn is even.
4. Each person should have their own cigar. Cigars are not meant to be shared, and no two people smoke them the same way. Some people like the moisten the paper around the tip, others like to chew on it, still others leave it completely dry. Each smoker makes the cigar fit their mouth, and sharing it cheapens the experience.
Ultimately, that is what cigar smoking is: An experience. It is not so much about the smoke itself as the flavor, the feeling of smoke in the mouth, the conversation one has while smoking with others, and the space in time carved out.