4 Essential Tips for Beautiful Hair

We all have bad hair days, but how can you get beautiful hair on the regular? Managing and maintaining your mane can be a challenge, but there are a few guidelines to follow for shiny, shimmering locks. Here are 4 essential tips for beautiful hair:

1. Find the right tools and products

You’ve heard it time and time again: everyone’s hair is different. But it’s true! If your hair is curly, you’ll need a different comb and routine than someone with straight hair. And hair texture, volume, and level of moisture can vary by person and by environment. The products you use in the summer may be quite different from those you use during the cooler months. So you must choose wisely. Consult with a hair care professional or try a few options yourself. Once you find the perfect lineup of products, your hair’s health and appearance will improve.

2. Feed your hair from the inside

Getting the right vitamins and minerals to support your hair health is important. Collagen, biotin and other vitamins and minerals are important to your hair growth. You can drink hair supplements, or consume these supplements in pill form. Be sure to choose a supplement from a trusted, reputable provider like a vitamin store.

3. Protect your hair from the elements

Most people know that protecting your hair from heat is critical. This means using specific serums and sprays that shield your hair from damage when using hot curling irons, hair dryers, straighteners and other hot tools. But did you know that it’s important to protect your hair from dry environments, sun and wind? If you’ll be traveling or spending a lot of time outside, consider covering your hair in a silk wrap or hat.

4. Choose fabrics wisely

From your pillow to your towel, give some thought to the surfaces your hair comes in contact with. A silk pillowcase is recommended to prevent split ends and tangles. It’s also good for your skin, too. When drying off wet hair, wrapping it up in a turban is not recommended. The preferred method of towel drying is gently patting damp hair. After that, it’s healthy to let you hair air dry before styling.

The tools and products you use will depend on your hair’s needs. But if you think about your hair routine and adjust it with hair health in mind, you’ll improve the look and feel of your mane over time. Remember that there is no overnight fix for your hair. Consistency and care over time will lead to the best results.