4 Tips For Selecting the Best Dress Shape for You

You know you’ve been there. You go to the department store, but everything that you try on is either too tight or loose in all the wrong places. Maybe a dress accentuates your hips when you would rather minimize them. Maybe you’re struggling to find a dress that fits your chest. There isn’t a prototype of what all women look like. Some women are tall, slim, and would love to add some curves, and other women are petite and would like a dress that makes them feel curvier and womanly. If you want a dress that draws attention to your best features and minimizes the ones that you’re less crazy about, you need to understand your body type and which shapes look best on you. Here’s a quick overview of how you can find the best dress shape for your body type.

Accentuate Your Waist
Many women would like to have a smaller waistline, and one way to make your waist more svelte and your body longer is to accentuate your waist. Common silhouettes that help with this are belted shirt dresses and wraps. Cinching around the waist with a flow or flared design around the top and skirt of the dress creates a smaller waistline and more hourglass figure. The tie or belt around the waist also draws attention to your waist. These looks can work on a variety of body types, but they’re especially useful if you want to balance proportions.

Create Curves
Many women are tall and have a boyish figure. If you want to create a more curved appearance, a high neckline with a loose top will give you the appearance of a fuller chest. A bottom that flares at the hips will make you look curvier.

Make a Midsection Less Noticeable
If you have a fuller waist, one option is to use boxier shapes to draw attention away from it. A-lines work well, and you can incorporate a shorter skirt to show off your legs. You can also draw attention to your shoulders with embellishments around the neckline of the dress.

All Body Types
There are some shapes that look good on pretty much everyone. Beyond the wrap dress, which can work for every body type, the surplice is another option. This is very similar to the wrap dress, except you don’t have to worry about the wrap coming undone. Another way to create an hourglass figure on every figure is with princess seams. These are stitched in an hourglass shape so that whether you’re super slim or full around the waist, they’ll create the illusion of curves.

If you have a problem area, you can draw attention to a better feature, minimize areas that you think are too big, or broaden areas that are too small to create better balance. Every woman’s body is unique, but there’s not one body type is better than the other. The trick is to find the dresses that make your body look it’s best.