4 Ways To Best Organize Your Commercial Van

When you conduct your business out of a commercial vehicle, that van or truck should be organized in a way that makes you more productive. If you couldn’t imagine working in an office filled to the brim with papers and books scattered everywhere, you should think of your work vehicle in the same vein. Being organized makes you more efficient. If you’re a contractor who spends 8 to 10 hours traveling and working out of your vehicle, it should be set up to provide you with the best workday possible.

The Office and the Warehouse
In most work vans, you should think of it like an office and a warehouse combination. The office is in the front seats where you’ll make phone calls, fill out paperwork and take notes for your service calls. The back of the truck is where the supplies are housed. The two spaces should be separated for maximum efficiency. You wouldn’t want to leave your office paperwork in the warehouse section because it could get lost. Spare parts and paperwork shouldn’t mingle.

Make a Map
If you’re organizing more than one vehicle, you should consider a centralized map that will show the layout of the vehicle. This can be a huge assistance to new employees who are riding in the vehicle for the first time, or veteran employees riding in a new vehicle. It makes inventory management easier too. The centralized list can be kept on an office computer and printed out as needed for new or veteran employees. At the end of the day, the employee can list the items used to keep a running inventory of products and parts.

A Labeling System
Whether you have a single truck or a fleet of trucks you need to organize, it helps to have a system that will help keep each space working efficiently. Each truck should have shelves and bins that are clearly labeled. Even if you’re the only one working in this van, you want to have labels so you can immediately find the items you need. It makes ordering inventory easier as well since you’ll see what you’re missing.

Customized Organization
While you could certainly purchase bins, racks and shelves to be installed in the vehicle, customized organization will provide cabinets and locked units that specialize in your industry. If you need a ladder or certain tools, customized organization will have racks specifically for the main products and tools of the profession from electricians to HVAC technicians.

While commercial van organization can help a service company work more efficiently, it has the added benefit of providing a safer vehicle while on the road too. A traffic accident or sudden stop can dislodge items that aren’t fitted properly. Those objects can become dangerous projectiles. An organized commercial van keeps the day running smoothly. You won’t have to run out to purchase supplies, or have to head back to the warehouse to gather tools when you have them in the proper place in the van.