4 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Network Speed

Sometimes it seems like it was just a few years ago that the internet was considered a novelty in the business world. Today it is nearly as essential to productivity and profitability as breathing air. The speed of your business’s network affects everything you do, from how productive your staff is to how many sales you make. Taking the time to improve your network speed can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and overall profitability and success.

In this post, learn four easy strategies to boost your business’s network speed today.

Strategy #1: Password-protect your network.
If your network doesn’t ask you for a password when you try to log on, you need to secure it with a password. This is one of the most common reasons why businesses experience slow network speed even though they have purchased high speed internet services.

The slowdown comes from others who piggyback off your unsecured network to browse the internet. This is why even public WiFi hotspots such as coffeeshops often have a password just for their customers.

Strategy #2: Monitor which devices and apps are permitted to use the network.

Certain devices and apps, especially those that permit gaming, streaming, video watching, downloading files and engaging in online real-time social interactions, can snap up all the bandwidth, leaving precious little for all the other tasks your staff needs to use the internet to accomplish.

So here, you need to decide which applications, programs and devices you will permit to access your network and which you will deny so you can increase your network’s speed.

Strategy #3: Consider changing the location of your router.
While technology is getting much more adept at working around this particular challenge, there are still many ways in which router performance can be impacted by nearby devices and radio waves. Some of the biggest culprits include the simple break room microwave or television. In-house security systems and cell phone use can also interfere with router efficiency.

Ideally, you want your router to be located in an area where it will be unimpeded by other devices but also centrally located so that it can provide equal service to all areas of the building. By taking the time to make a smart router relocation, you will be rewarded by faster network speeds..

Strategy #4: Keep up with your software and hardware updates.
This last strategy can be a tough one, especially because sometimes it seems like every time you turn around, there is a new version of this or that blinking at you and prompting an upgrade. But many of these upgrades include essential fixes to improve security, eliminate bugs and update drivers.

You also want to check with the router manufacturer to be sure you have hardware that is compatible with the latest upgrades. Matching the latest hardware with the latest software is one of the best ways to improve security and network speed.