4 Ways to Speed Up the Moving Process

One of the biggest challenges to moving is that most of us don’t do it very often. It’s a big challenge, and if you’re not prepared it can be distressing. However, with some planning ahead, you can make your move simple and efficient.

Build A “First Night In The New House” Suitcase

You will need at least one suitcase for every bedroom in the house. Inside this suitcase, put a clean set of sheets, towels, toiletries and a couple of changes of clothes. This means that, no matter how long moving day lasts, you can put a clean body down on fresh sheets in your new space. If you’re working with professional movers, keep these suitcases with you in your car.

You may have a hard time sleeping in your new space, so be sure to also bring your pillows!

Load Up A Crate of Cleaning Supplies

Hopefully, your new apartment or home will be clean. If it isn’t, you don’t want to have to tear apart the moving van to get to the supplies. Using a crate serves the double purpose of

  • carrying the cleaners, rags, and sponges that you need, and
  • can be emptied, flipped and used as a step stool to get to dusty ceiling fan blades

Again, keep this crate with your suitcases.

Pre-Plan With Your Mover

If your move is a short hop, you can work with a local moving company. In addition to checking out the moving company, connect with local piano stores to see who they use. If a moving company can safely move pianos, they may be available to help you move your things and will probably do an excellent job.

Connect with your moving company in the lead-up to moving day. Make sure everyone is on the same page so that you and your belongings all get to the same house.

If you’re moving across state lines, research the company on the United States Department of Transportation website. You can view their safety information and any complaints made about them.

Host A Moving Sale Or Work With A Broker

If you have a house to pack up, you don’t want to burn a lot of time listing individual items. Consider working with one on-line broker, hosting a moving sale or contracting with one consignment store to sell what you don’t want.
Moving isn’t easy, but if you keep your end goal in mind and focus on the joy of your new place, you can keep your spirits up and your focus moving forward.