5 Essential Items to pack when Traveling out of the Country

When traveling out of the country it is important to remember to pack these five items.

1. Passport

Make sure when going out of the country that you have packed your passport. A passport is an internationally recognized form of identification. While some countries do accept entrance with a birth certificate and driver’s license, most want you to have a passport. Also, make sure that you make a copy of all of your important documents (passport, license, plane ticket, etc.) so that if you lose them you still have some proof of identification.

2. Phone Numbers

Prior to traveling ensure that you have the phone number for the local U.S. Embassy. If you have an emergency and need help the Embassy should be your first line of defense. It is also good to give this information to your family members. If there happens to be an emergency with your family back home, they can get in touch with the Embassy in the country you are in and they can find you. They will also then be able to pass any message from you back to them. If there has been an emergency in the country you are visiting, they can also relay your welfare back to your family.

3. Money

If using cash, make sure that you know where you are going to exchange the currency. Otherwise, you need to make sure that you have enough traveler’s checks to cover your expenses. If using a major credit card, make sure it is accepted in your destination country. You also need to make sure you notify your bank or credit card company that you are traveling overseas. Let them know where you are going to be and how long you are going to be there, otherwise your card may not work once you have landed. Last, check the exchange rate and make sure you are budgeting enough money to cover all of your needs.

4. Prescriptions

If you take prescription medication, you need to take extra precautions when traveling out of the country. Make sure you have enough of your medication to get you through your vacation. Consider bringing extra medicine as well just in case something happens and your return is delayed. You also should ensure you bring a copy of your prescription or a not from your physician in case you are questioned by security officials at the airport. Keep the documentation in your carry-on for easy accessibility.

5. The Little Extras

It is important to remember the little things you will need. Sure things like toothpaste and shampoo you can get at your destination, but make sure you pack those things that may be more difficult to obtain. For example, phone chargers and international outlet adapters. It may be possible to find a phone charger once you land, but do you really want to spend your vacation searching through electronic stores for the right plug? International outlet adapters are another thing you must remember to bring otherwise none of your electronics you did remember are going to plug in and work.