5 Important Reasons to Take a Daily Multivitamin

We all take our health for granted. As long as we eat enough for quick bursts of energy to get through a boring work day, we feel we’re set. Then, when things hit a plateau, we chalk it up to fatigue and age.

Yet there’s something we lack: a proper nutrient intake at regular intervals. Those sweet Flintstones chewables and “vita-gummies” don’t cut it. They’re formulated for kids. Adults have bigger needs and it takes a wider micronutrient spectrum to cover all the bases. The point of taking a supplement is to replenish or satisfy inadequate nutrients levels to fuel the body, from your senses to your organs to your bones. Every nutrient plays a specific and synergistic role. Here are five very important reasons to add a daily multivitamin to your diet.

Senses Working Overtime

When it comes to the five senses, seeing comes out aces. It’s the single most employed sensory function, and it works overtime without pay. Age-related macular degeneration isn’t a myth. Many people also spend all day staring at a computer screen. To stave off early onset vision decline and keep seeing straight, take a multivitamin with lutein, zeaxanthin, and zinc — and even good old Vitamin C, to the tune of 500mg, minimum. Zinc also helps maintain a proper sense of smell.
Mental Clarity

Speaking of sharpness, a long day tends to make anyone feel rough around the edges. B vitamins are nature’s batteries. Taking a complex with a full range of B’s, from B1 to B12, is a given when you want to get your brain on. B3, also called niacin, provides a crucial circulatory boost to get blood moving to areas where you need it. Besides, the B family are key players when it comes to cardiovascular health.


While supplementation isn’t a sure bet when it comes to disease prevention, it certainly is better than not doing it at all. Certain vitamins counter deficiencies that may lead to more serious conditions and diseases. Scurvy occurs due to a lack of C. Rickets is the result of too little D. Folate reduces the risk of spina bifida occurring in an unborn fetus. Many nutrients also boast anti-inflammatory properties. Other nutrients found in a multivitamins, like inositol and choline, also address toxicity.

Sexual Health

That’s right. People don’t like to think about this, but sexual organs are organs, nonetheless. Magnesium is famously called a vasodilator. It widens capillaries, which improves circulation to finer areas. This is important for the skin and extremities, and fingers and toes. It’s a vital nutrient found in every multivitamin, and in special cal-mag-zinc supplements. Niacin is another integral circulatory assistor.

Live Longer

We live in a toxic world. A typical lifestyle is a welcome mat for oxidizing agents called free radicals. Free radicals contribute to accelerated aging and toxicity. A quality supplement helps keep these things in check, and thus can help you live longer!