5 Reasons Reliable Communication is Essential Today

The quality of a channel of communication is a crucial factor for fast-paced societies. The information for a message should be presented with an emphasis on precision, syntax, clarity, courtesy and speed of comprehension. A message should be delivered in a format that will not confuse listeners or readers. A typical news broadcast is designed with simple phrases that will not be interpreted in a variety of ways. The messages are quickly presented to succinctly deliver the essential points of each story.

Speed of Comprehension

A lengthy message can frustrate a busy person who has important obligations and who must allocate his or her time to complete several tasks. Messages should quickly present the gist of the information, which will help a listener and a reader to make a decision about the importance of the messages. The information on websites, in email messages, in television commercials or in videos could easily frustrate a person if the information was not organized and had been presented with confusing phrases.


Each person is bombarded with several messages during each day. There are advertisements for products, roadway signs and signs in buildings. The advertisements in newspapers can be misleading because the phrases are used to entice customers to purchase products. Drivers must quickly interpret the messages from roadway signs and then decide to use the passing lane or the exit lane on an expressway. The signs in buildings are used to inform visitors about the location of the elevators, the stairwells, the restaurants and the office suite for each business.


Some words have multiple definitions. A definition may be interpreted differently by a reader and is dependent upon the circumstances. The problems will escalate if a reader is translating a word because the translation may not include all of the possible definitions. The word “fast” can be interpreted as a noun that means to abstain from consuming food or as an adjective that means to move quickly. There will be additional problems if the word had been pronounced and had not been written because some words sound alike such as the words “deer” and “dear.”


If a message cannot be easily understood, then the message could be useless. The purpose of a message is to convey information such as that the driving lanes on a bridge will freeze faster that the driving lanes on a roadway. A bridge or overpass is suspended and will be more quickly affected by air temperature than roadways that are being supported by soil. The message about the danger should be clearly phrased.


A message should not confuse a listener or a reader. A television viewer expects to completely understand the information in a news broadcast. If the information is confusing, then a viewer will switch to a different television channel for a better presentation of the information. Messages should be designed with simple phrases that will not be misinterpreted. A listener and a reader could become frustrated and could be insulted by ambiguous messages.