5 Tips to Keeping Kids Busy and Happy on Moving Day

Moving is a tremendous chore for almost anyone, but the challenge can be much more difficult when you are moving kids into a new home. Your children may be emotionally attached to the home as well as to the community. They may be afraid that their toys and other items will not make it to their new home. There are also other challenges, such as having children underfoot when the movers are trying to load the truck. These tips can help you to make moving day with your kids much easier to do.

Let Them Pack Their Own Room
Some kids may not handle seeing all of their items packed into boxes. If this is the case for your children, it may be best to pack their items at night or when they are out of the house. Other children, however, may feel more comfortable seeing their items going into a box with their name on it. They may see that their items are not being thrown away and are being transported in the truck to their new room.

Encourage Box Art
Boxes are essentially blank canvases, and this means that there are plenty of surfaces for your kids to decorate while you are busy doing other things. Remember that your children’s toys and games will be packed away, so the boxes are the perfect way to keep your children entertained. You only have to keep some markers or crayons out of the boxes to give them something to create art with.

Ask for Help
Your children will need to stay out of the way of the moving team both at your current house and at your new house. This means that you may need to keep them busy for many long hours in a very cluttered and chaotic space. While you are keeping them busy, you may not be able to start unpacking and getting settled into the space. In some cases, asking a friend or a family member to watch your children on moving day is a smart idea.

Make a Special Stop
If you are moving far away, you may consider stopping along the way at a special restaurant or entertainment venue. This can make the moving experience more like a mini-vacation. Before moving day, talk to your kids about the stop that you will make to get them excited. An alternative is to talk about a surprise on moving day.

Encourage Help With Bedroom Decorating
When you get to your new house, ask your kids for help arranging their furniture. If you have time and energy available, you may even run to the store to pick up a few decorating items, such as a new comforter or lamp to dress up the space. Giving your kids some control over their space can help them to feel happier and more comfortable with the change.

While moving is hard work and is often emotional for the whole family, you can take some of the stress out of the experience with your children. Each child is unique, so you will need to analyze these tips to determine which ones are most applicable to your family.