5 Tips to Stay Stylish for the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to enjoy friends, family and good times. During this time, you’re probably going to take lots of pictures to capture memories that’ll last a lifetime. Since the pictures will last forever, why not make sure you look amazing in all of them? One of the best ways to make this happen is by consistently remaining stylish. Consider these five ways you can make that happen.

1. Merge trends with classic pieces. 
Each season, there are new styles that tend to trend. Currently, teddy coats are in season. It’d be nice to purchase one in a bold seasonal color like red or forest green. As you find trendy pieces to liven up your wardrobe, don’t forget to pair them with classic pieces. If you’re wearing a bodysuit with the cold shoulder cut-out, wear with a classic A-line skirt or a nice pair of dark denim jeans. A mini-skirt might make the outfit look dated.

2. Always be well-groomed.
Even if you have on the nicest outfit, it doesn’t matter if the foundation is wrong. Take care of your skin. Find a signature scent that you can wear during the holidays. It’s a nice touch to add when people lean in to give you big hugs. Even if you only have time to wear a bun all season long, make sure it’s neat and sleek. Visit the nail salon to get a manicure and pedicure. These details make a major difference when they’re overlooked.

3. Plan ahead. 
In many cases, people get flustered regarding what they want to wear when they wake up in the morning. In order to remain stylish and polished, it’s a good idea to plan your outfits the night before. You can pull the items out, make sure they’re clean and iron them ahead of time. When you wake up in the morning, all you’ll need to do is get dressed. Decision fatigue can get a lot of people in trouble. When you plan ahead, that’s one less decision you’ll need to be concerned with.

4. Combine comfort and cuteness. 
If you already know that you prefer to wear comfy flats, why not find stylish options? Purchase flats in fun colors and patterns. Plaid, leopard and polka-dots make fun statements. If it’s easy for you to slip into a casual dress, match the dresses with cute boots and neutral-colored tights.

5. Add sequins.
Sequins are always festive and appropriate for a good celebration. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, a beret or a scarf, incorporate sequins into your outfits for added flair. It doesn’t matter if you choose to wear sneaker and jeans along with the sequined blouse. Both glitter and sequins are powerful enough to make a look more dressy than it actually is.

As you try these tips, you might decide to take them into the new year with you. It never hurts to look polished and put-together at all times. With these tips, you’ll be able to develop a strong and stylish wardrobe system.