5 Ways Insulating Your Crawlspace Can Lower Your Utility Bill In The Summer

Many homeowners appreciate just how important their attics are to home energy efficiency but lack that same awareness when it comes to their crawl spaces. Heat rises in the winter, but cooled air also tends to descend during summer. With that in mind, lets us consider five ways in which crawl space insulation can save you money this summer.

1. Crawl Space Encapsulation Is Relatively Inexpensive.

Even when hiring a professional, crawl space insulation is very affordable. That means that most homeowners can still save during that first summer when they incurred the initial costs. There are often energy rebates and the like available too.

2. Keeps the Cold Air in the Home.

Any openings between your crawl space and your home allow negative pressure to be created. The warm summertime air is drawn up from the foundation, which causes your valuable conditioned air to be sucked down and out. This adds up over the course of a season. In many cases, insulation is enough to mitigate that negative pressure substantially. In cases where insulation alone cannot account for the gaps, you may need to seal the foundation first and then insulate it.

3. Lets the Crawl Space Remain at External Temperatures.

Do you have cold floors when your run the AC? This is an indication of an efficiency problem. What you may not know is that your attic and your crawl space should ideally be the same temperature as the air outside your home. If that is the case and those spaces are properly insulated, then your home will be very efficient to cool during the summer. Cool floors indicate air movement into the crawl space, and this is a negative as discussed in item two but also because the temperature balance is not correct.

4. Prevents Humidity.

Proper insulation and perhaps encapsulation depending on the scenario prevents the moisture buildup in the crawl space from entering the home. Excess moisture from a crawl space is problematic on a number of fronts, but within the context of this discussion, it matters because it makes your AC and/or dehumidifier work harder and thus increases costs.

5. Helps to Maintain Evenness of Cooled Air.

Both crawl space and attic insulation are often big culprits when it comes to unevenness. If there is a particular area of the floor where air is transferring, warm spots will crop up elsewhere in the home.

Be mindful that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for crawl spaces. Each home and crawl space are different. There is encapsulation as well, which is a more comprehensive solution, and there are different insulation materials. You have to choose the right material for your home in order to enjoy fully the benefits discussed above.