6 Suprising Uses for a Personal Cell Phone Cradle

The cell phone cradle is perhaps one of the most overlooked accessories on the market. The cradle is a plastic contraption that stands the phone up and braces it. Cradles come in all colors and designs. Their prices range from about $10 to as much as $50 depending on the manufacturer and the features. Most of the cradles serve as chargers as well as holding devices. Many consumers do not realize the potential of a good cell phone cradle. The following are six surprising uses for a personal cell phone cradle:

1. Vlog Creation

Vlogs or video blogs are becoming an extremely popular form of communications. Blog owners are using videos to discuss important topics instead of writing long blogs and stories. A cradle can hold a cell phone in a snug position so that the owner can create a professional looking vlog to post on YouTube or a similar platform.

2. Navigation

Navigation is one of the most common uses for a cell phone cradle. Older vehicles do not have integrated navigational systems in them, so drivers sometimes use their cell phones for directions. The cradle can hold up the cell phone so that the driver can get convenient driving directions.

3. Safety

Safety is a good reason to purchase a cell phone cradle, as well. A driver may buy a cell phone cradle just so he or she can hold conversations and still be compliant with the rules and regulations regarding cell phone conversations. The cradle will hold the phone upright and allow the driver to use voice command features to make calls and command the phone to perform certain tasks.

4. Due Process

Many drivers are setting up cameras in their vehicles just in case they come across an unjust pullover. A cell phone and a cradle can serve as a budget surveillance system or proof system for poor processes.

5. General Protection

The cell phone cradle can provide general protection for the phone. Many falls, slips and cell phone injuries occur because the owners leave the phone in bad places. A person can step on a cell phone if it sits on the floor. Someone can spill juice on a cell phone that rests on a table. A cradle can hold it in a spot that keeps it safe while it charges it. Cradled cell phones rarely suffer injuries, and the owners get to keep all of their funds.

6. Passenger Entertainment

Some drivers want to entertain their passengers but they do not have DVD players in their cars. They can set up a cradle or mount and play videos for their passengers. Cradles and mounts can go in the front or the rear of the vehicle.


Many reasons exists for investing in a cell phone cradle. The cradle should be one of the top items that a person buys after that person buys a new cell phone. Car chargers and cases are the other two items that tare important to purchase right away.