7 Crazy, Future Sci-fi Uses of 3D Printing

The 3D printer has the ability to improve the lives of the entire world, bringing public manufacturing into the private household. If you can imagine each individual family serving as its own center of manufacturing, then you are seeing a little of what the 3D printer can do. Here are seven uses of the 3D printer that may seem outlandish until you do the research and find out that these services are actually much closer than you think!

– Guns

Although there was a huge stink about militants potentially printing guns on 3D printers, the crisis has been averted. Respectable agencies may now use 3D printers to make the next level of artillery to protect and serve! Criminals beware of the future that the 3D printer has in store for you.

– NASA Rocket Parts

The rocket that will take the human race to the planet Mars for the first time is being manufactured on 3D printers. The pieces of this rocket that are being planned in the future actually have the potential to be better than rocket pieces that are manufactured in NASA labs!

– Leather

We may soon have the ability to wear the finest leather coats and shoes without killing a single animal. 3D printers have the ability to exactly mimic the tissue structure of animals that leather comes from. Using stem cell technology in conjunction with the 3D printing technology, the fashion industry may soon be in line for a complete revolution.

– Food

The Star Trek food dispenser may also be a reality in the near future. A universal food synthesizer is in the works currently. This food may have the ability to come out healthier than current genetically modified products from nothing more than the powders that astronauts would eat on their flights into space in the 1960s.

– Housing

The average person may actually be able to construct his or her own home in the very near future. Forget having a mortgage – an open source construction kit is currently being created. All that a builder would need is the raw materials. A Dutch company has already begun working on the first complete house built entirely from a 3D printer.

– Liquid Metal

There are many positive scientific repercussions to creating a metal that retains a liquid form at room temperature, and 3D printers are making this possible. This may completely revolutionize the process of electronics manufacturing.

– Human Body Parts

The first jaw bone and bionic ear have been used in a surgery to replace the natural parts in an 83 year old woman from Belgium. Further innovations are on the horizon.

As the 3D printer continues to find its way into mainstream society, we will continue to find new uses for it. Keep the above things in mind; you will likely see them sooner rather than later!