7 Tips for Utilizing “Common Sense” Moral Practices


Moral practices are practices that show the utmost respect for human life. They are a group of practices that place other people in front of the one who is practicing them. They are deeds that show compassion, empathy and respect for the rights of other people’s peace and personal space. The following are seven tips for utilizing common sense moral practices:

1. Adhere to an Honesty Code

One of the simplest and most obvious ways to use common sense moral practices is to incorporate honesty into every aspect of life. The truth sets all people free in all circumstances. Employers, friends, family members, associates, physicians and care providers should be honest even when it is not easy to be that way.

2. Let Peace Be the Solution

Peacemaking is a common sense moral practice that many people miss, especially when they are of the younger generation. A calm sense of peace and resolution should be the goal for the outcome of customer disputes, co-worker altercations, cat fights, disagreements and the like.

3. Make Effort to Help a Person in Need

Helping a person in need is always an excellent way to exercise some of those common sense moral practices. It does not take much effort to buy a meal for a hungry person or spare a dollar for someone who truly needs help. Unfortunately, too many people are suspicious of needy people, and they allow the suspicion to rule their actions instead of a yielding to a loving sense of compassion for everyone.

4. Eliminate Jealousy and Strife

Neither jealousy nor strife has a place for a person who wants to live a morally powerful life. What other people have should not concern the person who is striving for moral perfection.

5. Carry Yourself With Integrity

A person should always carry himself or herself with integrity. Integrity is a collection of actions and behaviors in itself. Integrity could include honesty, a calm demeanor, fair business dealings and looking out for the best interest of other people at all times. A business man will tell a customer the truth about a product that is not working up to par for example. He will give the consumers a discount because he knows the item is defective. A business owner who does not have integrity will not do such a thing. He will sell someone a semi-functional or defective product for the full price.

6. Do Not Step on Another Person’s Toes

Stepping on another person’s toes is trying to take something from that person. It may be a job promotion, a preferential social status, or even that person’s personal belongings. Avoiding outright robbery of another person is obvious, but sometimes people try to slight other people out of jealousy without realizing it.

7. Be Willing to Make Restitution

One should always be willing to pay back debts or make restitution for anything that he or she does that is not up to par. An effort is respectable even if the person cannot pay the entire debt.

Following these seven tips can help a person to succeed in business, love and everyday life.