8 Fishing Tips for First Timers

Fishing for the first time can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming experiences. Subjects such as rod types, laws and fishing locations can be confusing for first time fishermen. Below are 8 fishing tips for first timers.

1. Follow the Law 
When fishing for the first time it’s important to follow all the local laws. This means that you should purchase a fishing license before going fishing. Licenses are usually available for 1 day, 2 day or the entire season. Get a Release ruler just to make sure you’re staying within the law about fish size.

2. Don’t go over Budget 
If you’re shopping for fishing supplies for the first time, it’s important to remember not to go over your budget. Fishing stores or departments have a wide range of items such as rods, hooks and weights. Many of these items are confusing for beginners. Seek inexpensive equipment for your first time.

3. Practice Casting Fishing Rod
Select the rod of your choice and find an open body of water to practice your casting. Spinning rod and reel combo are the best for first timers. Configure the rod with a weight and hook and practice throwing the line to a targeted location.

4. Choose the Perfect Fishing Spot 
It’s a good idea to scope out the area you’re going to be fishing in. Look for inlets and outlets that are surrounded by structures such as fallen trees or grass.

5. Select the Correct Bait 
Know the species of fish you wish to catch before seeking out bait. As a rule of thumb, live bait always works the best. There are plenty of artificial bait options on the market such as doughs, lures and salmon eggs that are great as well.

6. Seek Information from Locals 
No one will know the area better than people that visit regularly or live around the location. Ask other fishermen advice on what to do when it comes to choosing a bait, rod or location.

7. Safety First 
It’s best to wear safety glasses and gloves for the first couple of times until you get the hang of it. Pay close attention when casting as it’s easy for hooks to get caught on everything.

8. Pack a Lunch or Snack 
It’s best to go prepared with a lunch or snack if you plan to be on the water all day. Fishing and patience go hand in hand, be prepared with food in case you get hungry.

Following the above tips will increase your chances of being successful during fishing. While fishing can be an exciting event, it’s important to be safe and follow state and local laws. Good luck and happy fishing!