8 Tricks to packing for an Outdoor Camping Trip


Preparing to enjoy some time in the great outdoors does not have to be time consuming or stressful. In fact, a camping trips is a great alternative to a more expensive vacation. These packing tips will make sure you have everything you need for your camping trip to be a great time.

1. Pack the Proper Clothing

Considering how light clothing is to throw in your pack, you should consider packing some extra of the essentials, such as socks and underwear. In the event you encounter any wet weather, you will be glad to have extra dry pairs to choose from.

2. Lay Things Out

Before you are tempted to just start throwing everything in your trunk, lay it out in front of your car so that you can organize which items to pack first. It will also give you an idea if you can eliminate any items.

3. Have the Essentials Ready

In a clear and easy to access bag, pack all of the essentials you will need for arrival. This could include cooking items if you are planning to have your first meal on site.

4. Unroll Your Sleeping Bags

Rather than keeping your sleeping bag in the sack, unroll it for some additional room. It can also help keep things in place or protect fragile items.

5. Protect Your Fire Starters

For matches and any kindling that you bring with you, it is best to store these items in a plastic container. You never know when they could be ruined by liquid, which would make starting a fire much more difficult.

6. Use Cork

If you are going to be camping near a lack, consider attaching valuable items to cork. This would include your keys. In the event they fall out of your pocket in the lake, this will make it much easier to find them because they will float to the top. Pack some extra corks will you just in case you forget to attach something.

7. Check the Weather

Even if you begin packing a few days before your trip, you should check the weather forecast to be prepared. Ponchos and tarps can save the day when it comes to enjoying a trip in the rain.

8. Take a Picture

Snap a photo of how you arrange your car for this trip so that you can just replicate it for the next one.