8 Unique Floral Arrangements that Scream “I LOVE YOU”

Choosing a floral arrangement that sends the right message is, in itself, an art form. There is a huge difference between an arrangement that is given to express sympathy and one that exudes romance. Red roses have symbolized romance and love for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And the darker the bloom, the more intense the symbolism.But besides the obvious red, pink, hearts, and roses, there are a number of lovely floral options for expressing your love.
Here are some examples of arrangements that could never be mistaken for for anything other than expressions of love.

This lovely arrangement makes a dramatic statement with simple red roses in a unique style. It’s a big heart, actually MADE OUT OF roses. Besides the obvious heart shape, the colors of this arrangement are what make it stand out. This arrangement is full of reds, pinks, and fuschia on a bed of bright green moss all nestled in a hand-crafted wooden box.
A GIANT bouquet of anything says “I love you.” In the movie, Big Fish, Edward Bloom (played by Ewan McGregor) sends a literal field of daffodils (10,000 to be exact) to the girl he loves (played by Alison Lohman). Although this is generally impossible, any large amount of flowers will do. This bouquet of 100 long-stemmed red roses is what 1800 Flowers calls the “Wow” size.

A natural-looking bouquet can make a statement all its own. For those who like their flowers a little less neat-and-tidy, a bouquet from a smaller business, like Farmgirl Flowers, is probably a better fit. And bouquets should fit the person, not just the occasion. Some of the most romantic wildflowers include daisies, clematis, baby’s breath, and calendula.

A rainbow of colors make a bouquet extra cheerful. By incorporating a number of roses, including pink and/or red, this bouquet is perfect for expressing love. A multi-colored bouquet can also be made from tulips or other flowers mixed together.

Tulips can make a statement when chosen in bright pinks and/or reds. This tulip bouquet, from Bouq’s, is a unique choice for someone who isn’t into the typical long-stem roses that are such a common gift.

Succulents make beautiful arrangements when shades of red are incorporated with green. Succulents require very little soil and are a longer-lasting gift.

This mixture of complimentary colors includes dark red roses with small purple alstroemeria and Monte Casino flowers has a unique and dramatic appearance.

This artisan-created bouquet, the Juliet, truly invokes the Shakespearean character in its use of branches resembling tendrils of her hair. Adding branches and vines, when done correctly, can add interest and movement to an otherwise average bouquet.A personalized bouquet, made of the flowers and colors unique to the recipient’s taste, is more likely to show love than a generic gift of red roses and chocolates. Whether you give roses, which are an obvious expression of love, tulips, which represent love’s perfection, or daisies, which symbolize love in its purest form, your choices are endless.