9 Simple Tips for Buying Ammunition for the First Time

Buying your first gun can be exciting. Once you’ve made that purchase, though, you’ll need to buy ammunition for the first time. This process can be more confusing than you might think and a bit of guidance is often helpful. Below are nine tips for buying ammo for the first time.

Know Your Gun

It should go without saying, but make sure you know the kind of ammunition your gun uses. A great sale doesn’t do you any good if you buy the wrong caliber. Know your gun before you start buying bullets.

Pay Attention to the Market

According to CBS News, it is important to keep an eye on the market when there is the possibility of a national ammunition shortage. If you’re thinking of buying ammunition, take a look at the news – an ammo shortage will mean higher prices. Feel free to wait out the market if the prices seem too high.

Read Reviews

Don’t get taken in by advertising or brand names. While there are some significant differences between bullets, they might not be as great as you think. Read reviews to find out which bullets will give you the most bang for your buck.

Know What You Need

Why do you need ammunition? Is it for target shooting or hunting? Are you looking for something that will help you with home defense, or are you going skeet shooting? There’s ammo for every job, so look into what you need.

Check Online

Always look online when buying ammo. You can find some great deals on some of the more popular websites. Always be aware, though, of any taxes you might have to pay on the ammo yourself.

Be Wary of International Shipping

Don’t buy international unless the dealer has an amazing reputation. When ammo crosses international lines, trouble can occur. Even if it saves you money, you might want to avoid international ammunition stores.

Look at Local

If you’ve got a local gun shop, check to see if there are any sales on ammunition. It might sound strange, but Black Friday sales on ammo are very real. Get to know the owners of the shop so you can be aware of when the deals are coming.

Make Informed Choices

Above all else, make sure your ammunition choices are informed. Don’t listen to rumors and don’t panic. If you are ready to buy ammo, buy it! If you aren’t ready, don’t let anyone goad you into making a bad choice.

Check Your State Laws

Buying bullets usually isn’t as difficult as buying a gun, but some states make it harder than you might think. Some states either now have background check laws in place for buying ammunition or are considering such laws, according to CNN.

Buying ammunition for the first time doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re confused, ask your dealer for guidance. With a little research and a little help, you’ll be able to get through your first purchase with no regrets.