5 Benefits of Having A Family Lawyer

There are many problems and disputes that affect families. For this reason, it is paramount that every family has a family lawyer. Here are five benefits of having a family lawyer. 1. Counseling There are many times when a family requires the perspective of a third party as well as a detailed evaluation of the […]

5 Reasons to Gift Your Child a Drone this Christmas

The Christmas season is almost here, and so is the stress on what to get your kids this year. After all the years they’ve lived you’re probably running out of ideas. Worry no more. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get your child a drone: 1. It’s a chance to keep up […]

6 Common Misconceptions About Slip & Fall Accident Cases

Filing a slip and fall claim is not as simple as some people may think. This is because it is not uncommon for those who are thinking about filing an accident claim may have different misconceptions. Here are 6 of the most common misconceptions that people have today. 1. No Attorney Needed — Insurance Will […]

How to Properly File a Workers' Compensation Claim

Unfortunately, too many people are the victims of workplace injuries. According to OSHA, 4,679 employees died in 2014 from workplace accidents. Those that are not killed by an accident typically receive debilitating injuries. If this happens, one of the only recourses available to injured workers is applying for workers’ compensation. Below are a few steps […]