Different Types of Awnings for Your Patio

An awning can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your patio. It can serve as a sun shade while also protecting you from the rain. In most cases, having an awning installed on your home is a great investment and will pay for itself many times over.

While awnings can be installed over decks, patios or windows, they’re frequently used to cover patio areas. When used by businesses, retractable awnings can make the business look more professional and enticing to customers. An awning is especially useful for protecting patio furniture from fading, which is caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Most awnings have the power to dramatically increase the use of an outdoor space. There are a few different types of patio awnings, and each type comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Different Types of Patio Awnings

The stationary awning is one of the top styles on the market. Since it’s attached to the exterior of a home, it’s stationary and doesn’t move.

Most consumers choose this type of awning because it’s reliable and stable, and it has no trouble withstanding moderate amounts of wind and rain. A stationary awning can be made to fit patios that have a weird shape, or it can be curved and wrap around a deck space.

Some of the benefits of a stationary awning are full weather protection, durability and coverage. However, it requires more maintenance, cannot be changed and requires additional support for large areas.

Portable Awning

Also called a freestanding awning, this portable model can be moved freely and offers great protection from the sun and rain. Unfortunately, a portable awning isn’t nearly as sturdy as a stationary model, so it has difficulty withstanding moderate wind guests.

Retractable Awning

Another popular style is the retractable awning. It can be rolled up, and when compared with other styles, it delivers unmatched flexibility. When you need some shade over your patio, you can grab a retractable awning and get instant relief. After you’re done for the day, you can roll up the awning and easily store it away.

Motorized Awning

The motorized style is also very popular because it does all of the work for you. This style is basically a retractable awning, but it has a mechanism that automatically rolls up the material when you’re finished with it. The only downside of the motorized awning is that it can be much more expensive than the other styles.

Awning Fabric Styles

There are a few popular materials that are used to create awnings. Acrylic is a popular material, and it can withstand far more abuse than canvas material.

Acrylic is great at repelling water and don’t suffer from fading as much as other materials. Acrylic-coated fabrics are also popular and can offer comparable benefits. Another top material is vinyl, and in most cases, vinyl is used as a coating agent.

While vinyl is heavier than other fabrics, it offers unmatched translucency, so it’s the best choice for backlit awnings. These are some of the different types of awnings that can provide protection for your patio.