Five Ways a Digital Clock Can Enhance Your Office

Today’s work force is no longer being universally subjected to uniform cubicles with glaring overhead lights. Some of the largest companies in the world such as Google, Apple and Facebook are re-crafting employee work spaces to factor in creativity, ergonomics, collaboration, innovation and even rest time.

With more attention focused in on making work decor welcoming, enjoyable and energizing, you may just find you have more leeway in your own workplace to enhance your office in personally pleasing ways. In this post, learn about five ways that a digital clock can improve your office aesthetics.

#1: A digital clock can keep everyone on the exact same timetable.
If you have ever tried to conduct a meeting, only to have latecomers walk in and claim that “according to their watch, they are on time,” you already know why digital rules in the clock world.

Sure, you can find a little wiggle room in those sometimes hard-to-read analog clock hands. But a digital clock puts it out there in black and white – hours and minutes – for all to see. Asking your co-workers to synchronize to one central digital clock can also be a handy meeting aid.

#2: A digital clock can improve productivity and add ambience.
Because the digital clock face itself requires much less room than its analog counterpart, today’s digital clocks often offer a host of other fun add-ons, including temperature, humidity, date, weather forecast and other features.

This can also be a helpful tool to break the conversational ice if you regularly have visitors in your office.

#3: You can use the alarm clock feature to stay on schedule.
Most digital clocks feature at least one alarm alert, and many today have two alert options. So you can program your digital clock to alert you for your next two important meetings to be sure you make it on time. Even better, digital clocks often offer a variety of sounds so you don’t have to deal with a buzzing alarm all day (and your co-workers don’t either).

You can choose gradual sounds, nature sounds and other sounds that won’t be jarring to you or co-workers if you are hard at work when your alarm goes off.

#4: You can play the radio to filter out background noise.
If you happen to have an office next to the noisiest employee in your building or the break room, the radio feature found on many digital clocks today can really come in handy. You can plug in your iPod, turn it on your favorite local station or even on white noise to filter out distracting background sounds and help you concentrate.

#5: Your digital clock may just save your life!
Enhancing office decor is a great perk, but some of the best reasons to add a digital clock to your office are the radio, the batteries and the backlight. Just in case of a power outage or weather emergency, your digital clock will keep working even when everything with a power cord shuts down.