How To Change Your Windshield Wipers In 4 Steps

One day you might be driving along in the rain, when all of a sudden, you realize something, you can barely see out of your front window. “This can’t be,” you think, will this stormy drive be your last? The wipers are moving but it isn’t helping. Maybe it’s a torn blade, you’ve never come across a problem like this before. There are a number of ways a windshield wiper might fail and replacing one is fairly simple. Here are 4 easy steps on how to change your windshield wipers:
Step One, Finding the Replacement 
This means you will have to examine the current windshield wiper or refer to the owner’s manual to find the right part. If you’re examining the windshield wiper, take a measurement of the blade. Using the wrong blade may result in dissatisfaction with the results, too big or too small will lead to an improper fit. Make sure to get the right blade.
Step Two, Removal of the Faulty Blade 
Unfortunately; you can’t just put the new blade on top of the old blade. To get rid of the old blade, simply raise the wiper outward from the windshield. Next, you’ll push the small tab underneath the connecting point between the wiper and the arm. While holding down the tab simply slide the old blade downward until it is completely removed, and voilà you’re halfway done. The old blade won’t be reused and it is okay to toss in the trash.
Step Three, Installation of the New Blade 
You will have to connect the new wiper by sliding it tight onto the wiper arm that was holding the blade you just removed. An audible click will come from the connecting point informing you the wiper is installed. Doing this slowly will keep you from bending the wiper arm or breaking any fragile pieces.
The Final Step, Double Check
The easiest part, running a systems check. Turn the wipers on for a quick test-run and you’re good to go. It is good to be thorough and if your windshield wiper fails here, it isn’t as big of a deal as it would be during a storm. This is a simple fix that only takes a few minutes. If you’re having trouble your best bet would be to ask an auto part’s store employee to give you a hand. 

A windshield wiper is similar to your seatbelt; its job is to keep you safe. Putting off something so simple can mean life or death on the road when you’re facing heavy weather conditions, so get it done.