How To Clean and Maintain Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Commercial outdoor furniture can improve the appearance of many businesses, such as restaurants and coffee shops. However, outdoor furniture requires different maintenance than indoor furniture. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to clean and maintain commercial outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture will often get dirtier than indoor furniture. As a rule of thumb, people aren’t as careful around outdoor furniture as indoor furniture. Because of this, people are more likely to spill drinks and food on outdoor furniture. While most food and drink spills can be cleaned up with a wet cloth, some might require additional cleaning.

Bird droppings are also a problem for outdoor furniture. Since commercial outdoor furniture is often used at restaurants and other places that serve food, birds can be attracted to these areas. This can significantly increase the number of bird dropping in an area.

To counteract the problem of bird droppings, consider placing a scarecrow in a discrete location near your outdoor furniture. A scarecrow doesn’t have to be a shirt stuffed with straw and a hat. Instead, a modern scarecrow can be a realistic statue of an owl placed in a nearby tree. This won’t be visible to many of your patrons, and it won’t detract from the appearance of your business.

Pressure washing is one of the easiest ways to clean outdoor furniture. If your furniture has a layer of mold and mildew on it, consider spraying a diluted mixture of bleach onto it first. This will help to kill off the mold and mildew.

After applying the bleach mixture, carefully use a pressure washer to clean each part of your outdoor furniture. Make sure to get the underside too. In many cases, mold and mildew can grow on the underside of furniture, since moisture can build up in those areas. In addition, many people stick gum and other undesirable substances to the underside of furniture. A pressure washer can often be used to remove these substances.

Finally, there are several steps you can take to improve the longevity of your outdoor furniture. In many cases, one of the most damaging things to outdoor furniture is the sun. The sun emits powerful UV rays that can damage the surface of outdoor furniture. There are a variety of paints that can be used to protect furniture from the harmful effects of UV light. In many cases, these paints are available as a clear coat.

If possible, try to place all your outdoor furniture out of direct sunlight. If your outdoor seating area has a canopy, this should be used to cover all the furniture. In addition to improving the longevity of your outdoor furniture, it can also provide a better experience for patrons at your restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, or other business.