How To Design Your Own Challenge Coin In 6 Steps

It seems like a small gift, but the right challenge coin can bring your team or organization closer together. It’s a small token of your appreciation for their hard work and effort. Here are six simple ways to design your team’s challenge coin.

Choose the Size of Your Coin

Does size matter when it comes to your challenge coin? Challenge coins come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no one particular size when it comes to designing your coin. The standard size for most challenge coins is 1.75″ diameter. A 2″ diameter coin is typically reserved for commander coins and bottle openers.

Use an Image That Focuses on Your Message

Imagery is super important on your challenge coin. It’s one of the most important designs you’ll want to come up with. Determine the type of message you’re trying to convey on your coin. Then, come up with imagery that reflects that message.

If you’re making a coin called Little Rock Lions, you’ll want to use lion imagery. You may also want to use a blue and green striped flag as part of the Little Rock flag. If your challenge coin’s message is about a championship, then you should include a trophy to convey your message.

Limit the Amount of Text on Your Coin

The best way to convey your message is to limit the amount of text you use on your challenge coin. While you want to convey your message, you don’t want the text to take up space on your coin. Here are some ways that you can convey your message:

Use a larger size coin if you intend to use a lot of text
Use the text around the border of your coin
Shorten the text or use abbreviations when appropriate

Avoid Stock Photos and Clip Art

It’s too easy to find images on the internet that we are often inspired by. These custom coins should come from your designs and your designs only. They should reflect your team’s mission and goals.

Don’t use clip art or stock photos to convey your message. Come up with an original design by sketching it yourself, hiring a designer, or using a custom logo maker if you need to.

But Do Seek Inspiration From Designers

While you don’t want to directly copy anyone, you should get inspiration from the internet. The internet has a wide variety of design tips. You could use the advice and inspiration to create your own design.

Some of the principles in logo design can be applied to creating your own challenge coin. Some of these rules include:
Paying attention to proportion and balance
Use a modern approach to classic designs
Make your coin stand out among others
Think about the versatility of your design

Send In Your Designs

When you’re ready, just send your designs into the custom coin maker. Most of them accept drawings, sketches, scans, Adobe files, creative descriptions, and email ideas. Their expert craft makers will make your challenge coin to your liking in just a few weeks.

Challenge coins are often associated with the military, but almost every type of team and organization uses them. As you can see, it’s relatively simple to make your own challenge coin. You just need an eye for design and a passion for your team.