How-to Effectively Use Fat Burner Supplements for Maximum Results

Fat burning supplements make a great component of any diet and fitness regimen, as they can boost your results from workouts and a healthy diet. A variety of naturally-occurring compounds have been discovered as effective in reducing fat mass. A few fat burners you might be familiar with are amino acids, brown seaweed extract, caffeine, Coleus forskohlii, omega-3 fatty acids, red chili peppers, and yohimbe tree extract.

There are tons of others. Whichever fat burner you choose, there are things to keep in mind when taking it. Here are three tips to make sure you get the most out of any fat burner.

Take It at the Right Time of Day

Most fat burners tend to be stimulatory. They keep your nervous system physiologically aroused and can increase levels of certain alertness-related hormones such as adrenaline. This stimulatory effect extends to your metabolism, which is what makes the fat burner work. But, this effect also keeps you awake.

For this reason, you should take your fat burner in the morning, unless the label directs you to do otherwise. Plus, keep in mind that fat burners often increase the results of exercise. One good way to take them would be to take them when you wake up, and have a workout one hour later.

Take an Effective, Safe Dose

When you’ve decided which type of fat burner you’d like to try, you should find a reputable source online that can tell you how much you need to take in order to see an effect. If you aren’t taking a big enough dosage, you might not see any results.

Nonetheless, the mechanisms that make fat burners work can also cause harm when taken to extremes. Before you start taking a supplement, research what the highest safe dosage is and don’t go above that. Otherwise you could experience side effects or more serious problems. For example, yohimbe tree extract is very effective for increasing your metabolism, but you must use it responsibly or else face risk of heart problems.

Legal, naturally-sourced fat burners are pretty safe. You just have to use them the right way.

Should You Take It With Food?

Research the side effects of the ingredients of your fat burner. Some ingredients, such as zinc, can cause nausea when taken on an empty stomach. If this is the case with the product in question, you should take the supplement with food.

If the supplement is fine to take on an empty stomach, then that is most likely the best way. Many fat burners have their greatest effect when your body is in a fasting state. An intermittent fasting diet works great with fat burners.