The Top 5 Business Backup Services to Have in 2016

An online backup service for your business is essential to ensure the retention of files in our technology-driven age. It is as easy as subscribing to a cloud-based service that will protect and secure important information from any mishap. Problems can range from deleted files, hardware issues, or even a system outage and you want to be armored with a backup service that can restore your network. There are a few features that you will want to consider prior to choosing a backup service.

Storage Capacity

Generally, storage capacity is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a backup service. You need to determine how much data your business may need as well as estimate room for growth. Services vary in the way they charge for storage with some billing per unit of data and others per device.

Backup Features

One of the first features you will need to look at in your backup service is which operating systems they support. Furthermore, you will want to find out whether the online backup provides incremental or continuous services. Other tools to seek out include remotely accessing your data, file sharing, collaborative tools.


This is a critical component to your online backup as you want to ensure that your files are safety stored. Many services provide encryption in addition to secure connections during data transfer. Some even provide an added security feature called geo-duplication, which copies your data twice on two separate servers.

As we move towards the top five business backup service providers, it is important to note that each business is unique and will have specific needs to cater to. Let’s examine a few popular options for companies both small and large.

1. BackBlaze – A great option if you are looking for simplicity and value, this service offers unlimited automatic backup. The software also allows for file exclusion and manages scheduling, frequency, and restoration. A mobile app is available for both iOS and Android to remotely access data. With data encryption and an optional private password, BackBlaze is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

2. Carbonite – With storage options starting at 250 GB up to 12 TB, you will have more than enough storage space depending on your needs. The real-time backups also offer file versioning on Windows. The software has numerous tools such as mobile sync and encryption. The support also is superior with various modalities including phone, email, live chat, FAQs and video tutorials. The one downside is the higher price, but the features make up for this factor.

3. CrashPlan Pro – This is an excellent storage option for businesses who need unlimited capacity and easy management. Unfortunately it does not embed mobile devices. To make up for this, the backup service uses a continuously running backup in addition to scheduled and controlled backups. The security is moderate with encryptions but provides additional monitoring for viruses. The packages are priced per machine and a reasonable price.

4. Dropbox for Business – This provider offers 5 TB of storage for up to five users. Very similar to Dropbox for personal user, a shared folder syncs to the cloud and reflects real time changes. It is highly secure with a two-step authentication and the ability for administrators to see access logs. The price is based on the amount of storage and number of users. This is the perfect option for businesses that need collaborative tools.

5. Google Apps for Work – Lastly, this backup provides unlimited storage to accounts that contain more than five users. It is similar to Google Drive and gives consumers the ability to share and sync data throughout platforms. It has a secure two-step authentication and administrators are provided 24/7 support. Google Apps are easy to use, especially for business.