The Ultimate E-Juice Bottle Buying Guide

With the Vaping and E-cigarette industry growing at an alarming rate, everyone is looking to make an entry into the market! If you’re looking to make an entry into this exciting market then making sure that you choose the right E-Juice bottle is important! Being sure you purchase bottles that are pleasing to the eye, easy to use, and safe are all important in order for you to please your customers. To help you on your venture into this exciting industry, we’ve put together this guide on making the right choice in E-Juice bottles.

Know Your Customers

The first thing you’ll want to determine before setting out and making a decision on E-Juice bottles is what your customers want out of the bottles they’re buying. Providing a nice looking bottle that’ll draw the customers in is obviously always nice but when it comes to E-Juice, functionality trumps style. You want to make sure that the E-Juice bottles you sell to your customers are easily able to dispense the liquid inside while also being as leak-proof as possible. There is nothing more annoying for customers than having to struggle to get the juice out of a bottle or having it leak all over them!

Government Regulations

Many states are requiring that E-Juice manufacturers provide their E-Juice in child-resistant bottles now. Whether or not your state currently requires this, it is a good idea none the less to invest in child-resistant E-Juice bottles just out of principle and if your state ever does make the switch then it’ll be one less thing you have to worry about as you’re already ahead of the curve!


Another factor to take into consideration when purchasing E-Juice bottles is the type of droppper that goes with it. While there is no “best” dropper for E-Juice bottles, everyone has their preferences. Some options are fine tip droppers, dropper fitments, and pipette droppers. Pipette droppers are usually found on larger sized bottles such as 30ml and up while fin tip and dropper fitments will usually be on the smaller 15 and 10ml bottles.

Size Options

Ensuring you provide a wide variety of sizes in E-Juice bottles will ensure you’re not excluding anyone from buying your product. The most popular size for E-Juice bottles right now is 15ml which should make up the bulk of your offerings with 30ml and 10ml coming in close second. Be sure to stock some larger sizes as well as being able to purchase in bulk ensures customers that like your product cant get better value and continue buying your product.

Choosing the perfect E-Juice bottle is relatively simple as long as you are aware of what options are available to you, what your customers value most, and what government regulations may affect you. After educating yourself on the above you should be much better prepared to make a decision on what E-Juice bottles you want to go with for your business.