The Ultimate Guide to Winter Moving

While moving during winter months can provide better deals an apartments, the colder weather often creates a number of unique challenges. A few helpful tips for moving during winter can ensure a smooth and successful process. From snow storms and blizzards to hazardous road conditions, being better prepared for a winter move is never an issue that should be taken lightly. Accidentally packing the cold-weather supplies you need to complete the move or failing to budget enough time could lead to any number of problems that you would do well to avoid.

Making Arrangements for Pets During the Move

Having a dog or cat underfoot during the move can be an inconvenience under the best of circumstances. Boarding a pet is often an ideal solution when dealing with ice, snow and cold temperatures during a move. From minimizing the time spent outside loading boxes and items on board a moving truck to ensuring your pets do not get left behind, kennels and boarding services may be a valuable resource during a winter move.

Staying Informed With Weather Updates

Even mild winter weather can make driving treacherous. Weather forecasts and updates can keep you informed about the driving and road conditions in your local area, on the road and at your destination. Avoiding storms and inclement weather can be especially important for those who are not used to operating a moving truck. Even if the weather forecast remains relatively stable, the latest forecast information and updates will ensure that last minute weather changes do not catch you by surprise.

Stocking Up on Towels and Cleaning Supplies

Plenty of towels and some basic cleaning supplies can make it much easier to deal with ice and snow that may damage your belongings. Cardboard boxes that have been exposed to moisture are far more likely to rip or tear. Failing to clean snow away from furniture and other items it may stick to can cause mildew and water damage. Access to plenty of blankets, towels and other cleaning supplies can ensure an easier, cleaner and more successful winter move.

Protecting Your Floors

Other tips for moving during winter include making an effort to protect the floors when moving into a new home or apartment. Laying down carpet scraps, old blankets or even flattened cardboard boxes will help to keep snow and ice from causing harm to your floors. Wiping your feet before entering an interior environment is often forgotten when making frequent trips or unloading a van or truck. Protective coverings and other basic precautions will allow you to keep your new home clean throughout the moving process.

Staying Warm

Basic cold weather advice is not something that should be ignored during the move. Dressing in layers for better insulation, selecting waterproof outer garments and keeping plenty of hot beverages nearby are all smart ways to stay warm. Colder temperatures that would ordinary be no more than an inconvenience can turn even the simplest of moves into a real ordeal. Doing what you can to stay warm can make a considerable difference for any winter move.