Tips for Getting Rid of Bathroom Odors

Strange odors and smells in your bathroom can be both annoying and embarrassing! Fortunately for us, there are many easy and quick ways of eliminating odors before they become a nagging problem! If you’ve noticed a strange smell or odor emanating from your bathroom then it is time to get rid of it by following one of these great tips for eliminating bathroom odors!

Crack A Window

Sometimes all your bathroom needs is a breath of fresh air in order to get rid of any off smells. If your bathroom smells less than beautiful then consider cracking a window to disperse some of those annoying odors. A stiff breeze is sometimes all it takes to freshen the air.

Use An Air Freshener

If your bathroom is starting to smell, consider using an air freshener or odor eliminator to refresh your sense of smell. While most average air fresheners won’t eliminate odors completely, they do a good job of masking them until the smells can dissipate naturally on their own. So if you notice off odors in your bathroom, give it a few good sprays of air freshener so your nose can relax.

Use A Toilet Deodorizer

If you suspect the source of the odor emanating from your bathroom is the toilet, a few sprays of toilet deodorizer may be in order. Many of these toilet deodorizers contain all natural ingredients including essential oils which will not only make it smell better in your bathroom but purportedly trap odors in the water, making a stinky bathroom a thing of the past!

Spark A Match

For a little more subtle approach to odor elimination in the bathroom, consider lighting a match. Not as effective at masking odors as a toilet deodorizer or air freshener, but a match may be just the thing you need to quickly get rid of any nagging odors in your bathroom.

Use Baking Soda

Discreetly placing an opened box of baking soda somewhere in your bathroom is a great, non-toxic, technique for getting rid of odors. Baking soda can absorb most odors from the air which makes it great for this task.

Clean You Toilet Thoroughly

If any of the above tips for bathroom odor removal haven’t done the trick so far then it may be time to give your toilet the deep cleaning it deserves! You’ll likely want to take the seat right apart in order to get into all the nooks and crannies, being sure to not miss a spot. After this thorough cleaning, you can be sure your stinking bathroom problem is a thing of the past!

Bathroom odors are not only embarrassing, but they’re also just unpleasant overall! Luckily for us though, there are many ways in which we can quickly get rid of off smells so that we can take a breath of fresh air. By following a few of the above odor remove tips, your bathroom will smell much nicer!